The Luxury Moving Experience

Partnership every step of the way


Do away with the stress…

Moving and relocating may be one of the most stressful activities a person can undertake, and chances are you’ll do it a few times during your life. There are so many details to keep track of, plans and schedules to maintain and the emotional ups and downs to deal with. And don’t forget the physical work of packing and unpacking, sometimes while still maintaining a normal work schedule. 

We can help you prepare for your move even before the packing begins by working by your side as you sort through closets, storage areas, garage and bedrooms and help you weed through all the things you don’t use, don’t like, no longer fit or are gathering dust. It doesn’t make sense to pack and then pay a mover to transport items you’ll never use. 

Once we’ve sorted through your possessions getting rid of the excess we can help determine the packing supplies you’ll need, tell you where to purchase them at the best price, and if you like, professionally pack your clothing, household items and breakables to avoid damage in transit. 

Getting organized before the move will also greatly simplify the unpacking process, help you settle in more quickly, and reduce the stress that everyone is likely to feel.